The Masters TravelsThe Masters Travels - Album Cover

This Album’s music was created and inspired by the writings and descriptions of Abdu’l-Bahá while He travelled in North America in 1912. The performance is completely live with no overdubs, all musical elements created at the time of recording. The sounds and textures heard range from piano to Middle and Far Eastern instruments, voices and synthesizer sounds. They reflect the nature of the Writings where concepts of East meets West and Science meets Spirituality are reflected in sound and melody.

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Au diapason

A collaboration with visual artist Lorraine Pritchard and a tribute to Dizzy Gillespie

In the year leading up to her “Au diapason” solo show at Craig Scott Gallery, Montreal-based painter Lorraine Pritchard collaborated with Toronto-based pianist John Ebata to produce a body of work — paintings and music — through the back-and-forth engagement of the two artists, each composing their works interactively, in response to each other, in a combination of a kind of non-stop jam session and an ongoing process of ‘tuning.’

The collaboration was simultaneously a tribute to the music of Dizzy Gillespie. Music composed and recorded by Ebata was performed at the opening on Friday, November 2, 2007. A DVD containing the Ebata compositions and images of the Pritchard paintings was produced and were available for purchase at the opening.

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The ExhibitLorraine Pritchard

World Jazz for Haiti Project

World Jazz For Haiti is a double CD compilation of 23 original songs – 12 vocal and 11 instrumental – produced with the ultimate goal of raising funds for the disaster relief effort in Haiti. All of the compositions on the album are either brand new or variations on recent works, and have been written and recorded by Canadian artists living in Toronto.

Executive Producer George Rondina of The Number 9 Audio Group is proud to be producing this once-in-a-lifetime album with world-class artists for an extremely worthwhile international cause. Musical director/producer George Koller and associate producer Jesse Capon have put together an eclectic mix of talent for the album, including industry veterans David Clayton-Thomas, Holly Cole, Guido Basso, Jane Bunnett and John McDermott. The final release is due out September 26 and is sure to be both a stunning music compilation and a major boon for Haiti’s disaster relief efforts.

World Jazz for Haiti - Various Artists

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First Takes - John Ebata Solo Piano

John Ebata, First Takes

John Ebata – Solo Piano. In the world of recording studio perfection,where cut and paste editing often turns live music into sonic sterilization, this solo piano CD has been recorded on a Steinway model B Grand Piano, miked in stereo, first takes, with no cut and paste edits.

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